Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thank You Thursday

I'm not crabby today, thank God. That one's a gimme. Here are five more things I'm thankful for this Thursday....

1. Abby's teacher. What a gem!

2. My husband. He made popcorn. The Vikings are on. The windows are open and I'm curled up with a blanket. It's like a little mini date in the family room we've hardly touched in weeks. Now if we can just beat New Orleans; I really don't care for that town.

3. Getting back into the groove. It's a new groove for the three ladies of the house, but there's certainly comfort in routine. {I still miss my super-awesome summer vacation, don't get me wrong I'd take it back in a heart-beat!}

4. My stop at the cigar shop. I dread going there and walking out smelling like a stogie. But on this trip they had an abundance of my beloved empty cigar boxes set aside for me, plus some rockin' tins to use for my new project. Lauren was happy I let her come in with me & talk to the resident birds. She was even gifted with a special velvet box, which the Santa Claus lookin' fella told her was for her jewelry & love letters.... that is if her beloved Connor ever gifts her with any.

5. Getting one step closer to completing my Christmas card design.

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