Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Random Ramblings

by Lauren

I'm not sure what is floating around in her head, but we've encountered another day of random Laurenisms....

· "Next time I'm gonna get a poler. Because I saw it with my little eyes at Target. It's for fishing."
{We were on our way to preschool. But spoken like a true Bendorf grandkid.... always got cabin on the brain.}
· "When we dump milk in the bucket at preschool that makes sad comes. I don't like sad cows."
{I've got to find out who planted this one in her little head. I love it!}
· "On your next birthday are you gonna be old?"
{Guess we'll find out when I turn 33 at the end of the month, won't we?!}
· "I like me. That's why I want to be me."
{I like her thinking!}
· "I just look cute now in this kinda hair."
{Who doesn't love good bath hair?!}
· "Accidents happen, right?...But now everything is taken care of."
{I'm leaving the subject of this one up to your imagination.}

{I told her Amanda would like her socks.}

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