Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's Random Quotes

by Lauren

"Bye. I will have fun on the playground again."
{We hadn't even left the house yet for school this morning.}

"These jeans are going to be perfect for my beautiful little butt."
{So much so that she opted shorts.}

"I look great. I look just like a Betty."
{Who is Betty?}

"Mommy, I told you I'm losing some teeth."
{Okay, no she didn't.}

"Why did you lost your voice? Where did your voice went? I will find it for you. Here it is; I will sweep it into your mouth. Now you can talk not like that now."
{Obviously losing my voice annoys her.}

"Leave me alone. Go somewhere else. I'm going to look for my Q-change."
{She's mad, and on a hunt for her key chain.}
"Mommy, can I tell you this? When I get a new car then I am going to be happy. And that is going to be fun."
{She is not giving up on that red car she saw at the BX.}

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The Earnshaw's said...

Oh that girl!! What a cutie. Love the shirt


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