Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wish I could give my grandma a hug. My grandpa, too. Darn being in Ohio!

2. If you lined all of the Dairy Queen hot dogs consumed in a year, they would stretch from Los Angeles to New York City. I find this odd because they make me vomit. They are the only hot dogs I have such an aversion to. Obviously a large number of the population does not.

3. My favorite ice cream treat at Dairy Queen is a toss-up between a cherry-dipped cone & a Buster Bar.... It just depends on my mood. I will enjoy both even more the next time I eat them knowing DQ ice cream is low-fat. Who knew?!

4. I hate getting the kind of news that weighs heavy on your heart.

5. I don't talk about my job much, but this preschool conversation made me giggle. This afternoon, in the bathroom, two four-year-olds sat in neighboring stalls. One said to the other, "Toilet paper is just weird." The other agreed, and they continued on with their business.

6. I didn't realize how much I needed last night, and I was so hoarse I almost missed it. Five years of Bunco-free living is way too long. I'm glad the Hanscom Bunco girls are back together at Wright-Patt, and making new friends. It still would have been fun if I hadn't racked up a whopping 48 points.... But I'm not going to say no to that cash payout!

7. I'm pleased & impressed with Abby's bus driver. What a saint! At the very least, he is a nice guy who is good at his job.

8. My body is tired and aching for bed. But first, what to serve with our steak & macaroni salad?

9. Still looking for good ideas for my Halloween costume.

10. I have a nose like a dog.... Someone was making something amazing in the neighborhood tonight. I was tempted to follow that smell to the source and make friends with the talented chef, securing an invitation to dinner. I didn't, but I truly wanted to.

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