Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Random is as random does....

1. I love keeping track of people on Facebook, especially my cousins. As great as our quick check-ins are, nothing beats getting a hand written letter. What a treasure.

2. Everytime I see anything Spiderman I think of the day Geoff & I were standing outside a lecture hall before class. Two mysterious students, dressed in full body Spiderman suits, walked silently side-by-side with notebooks in hand, and into a random lecture hall, finding seats front and center. Somedays I really miss college. I still laugh about that one.

3. Most of the media manufactured for kids is crap. If you saw the trailers that ran for Toy Story 3 this summer, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Thank goodness for movies like The Polar Express. Yes, we are watching that this afternoon; AC on and all.

4. This morning while we were getting ready for school, Lauren told me she had a bad dream last night. She said it, "Played in the dark." In the words of her teacher, "I could have twenty of her!"

5. I find it an odd coincidence that the author of this month's book club selection used to send her daughter to the same small private preschool I work at & send my kids to.

6. This month's selection is Haunted Ohio. And it makes me think, I know I've been to places that are haunted on one level or another, yet I've never run into any spirits. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Maybe I just set myself up.

7. I am so pleased Lauren speaks with a Minnesota accent and not a Southern drawl. The problem is, she doesn't hear it enough in everyday life and gets some of the words confused. For example, roof is pronounced ruff--yep, spoken just like our native ancestors. But instead of wolves she says woofs. So stinkin' cute.

8. Abby got mad at a girl at school today. Something about untying Abby's shoe.... Abby told her, "Shame on you." Oh, boy. Right out of my mouth and into hers.

9. Staying up late last night is kicking my rear end this afternoon. It's lights out early for me tonight.

10. I have already transitioned my supper menu for Fall. So why are temps pushing 90°? Ughh. I just want some chili, some stew.... comfort food. And to turn the fireplace on. Yes, Katie, this is my whining. Go away warm weather. Go!

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