Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. All I can think about are the gingerbread men.... Coming up with nine other random thoughts may be a bit of a challenge.

2. This afternoon, the girls & I baked gingerbread men: one large and a lot of little guys.  While the big one was on the cooling rack and the girls were busy rolling out more cookie dough, the big guy took off.  The girls had a ball following his trail of clues and were especially full of giggles that he would be hanging by the toilet.  I'll post pics tomorrow.

3. Jillian Micheals scares the tar out of me.  Her intense stare pierces me through the TV.  I wonder if she wears that face around her house.

4. I have two vices: Burt's Beeswax & Sweet Tea from McDonald's.  I also like to have a clean kitchen.

5. I fought with Abby, and mind you I won, about what she should wear to school today for her kindergarten pictures.  I never wanted to be that mom.

6. On the flip side, I waited for her to get up and help me pack her lunch. The payoff: she finally ate it!  Is it a control thing for her?  Is it the crappy "breakfast" all of the kids are given in the morning that makes her too full to eat lunch?  I don't care, as long as she eats her lunch.

7. Lauren is so stinkin' cute. Most afternoons, I can't wait to be done with work so I can take her to myself and squeeze her and kiss her.  I don't want that girl to grow up.  However, she tells me she must.  She's wise beyond her four years of livin'.

8. For some reason when I see Carl Cameron, FOX News Channel's chief political correspondent, I wonder what he was like in high school.  And for some reason I imagine he is a lot like a certain someone I went to school with who was irritating & arrogant.

9. If there is any question of the government's inability to run anything, visit the post office.  Ughh.  Seriously.

10. I wonder what my children will do when they grow up.  Abby will be a leader; she loves to be in charge.  I'd guess a teacher, but she seems to be very interested in doctors.  Lauren's a wild card.  An entertainer?  A fashion expert?  A gymnastics coach?  It's anybody's guess.


Susie said...

Andy thinks they ought to do away with the USPS altogether. I don't know, I can't see another way to send fun mail so easily and inexpensively?

Have you ever tried the Alpha post office? It's adorable.

brookie said...

No! What is the Alpha post office? I often go to the UPS store, but they mark it up to send postal. Yesterday I went to Beavercreek for the first time; it was easier than trecking to downtown Fairborn. The lady behind the counter moved slower than a turtle and looked like she lived on the street without a care in the world. I wanted to wave a big sign that said, "Pick up the pace already!" We were all annoyed in there. Where's Alpha.


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