Monday, June 20, 2011

Let Me Translate, Part Três

By now I thought the girls would be settled into their native tongue well enough to not make such gaffes.  They continue to amaze me with the liberties their minds take with language.  Clearly it is a language that is still lost on Lauren.

Allow me again to translate:

Keep Cup: A disposable cup you can keep when you leave the store

♫♪♫♪Lyrical Fopas♫♪♫♪
"I know that's a go. (Something, something, something, something) Bombay!": I Love Rock 'n Roll
"Baby tonight, DJs gottin' soft & I forget.": DJs Got Us Falling in Love Again


Flostic Flakes: Frosted Flakes
Pinch Crab: Lobster
Barella: Umbrella
Untrace: Erase
Mushrooms: Marshmallows
Emily: Italy
Naser Spray: Nasal Spray
"Poop in the ass": "Pain in the ass."
Souler Sniff 'em: Solar System
Funflower Seeds: Sunflower Seeds
Hair Pen: Bobby Pin
Whisker: Whiskey
One Fish Green Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: by Dr. Seuss
Slawberries: Strawberries
Purr-a-raid: Parade {The Royal Wedding}
Poster: Postage Stamp
Report: Perfume
GPS: Nintendo DS
Nolish: Nail Polish
Book Smart: Book Mark
Dawn-a-Mint: Donovan (a boy at school)
Tackle: Tickle
Shellfish: Selfish
Envertube: Innertube
Goal Hole: The Cup in Mini Golf
Cooked Hair: Pulled Pork
Erection: Direction
Cribhouse: Corncrib
Cat Medicine: Allergy Medicine
Word Shirt: Word Search

This addition's ultimate language mangler, attributed to both lovelies....
Ass Pack: Ice Pack

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