Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dipped in Chocolate

Leave it to vacation to seize the opportunity to dip our world in chocolate.  After an afternoon voyage to the local Safe Way we collected enough goodies deemed worthy of dipping in chocolate.

Our collection ranges from the obvious to the questionable.  Some of our results were surprising.  The entire experiment, entertaining.

With six samplers on hand the rules were simple. Each specimen variety had to be dipped six times, one for each taste tester. Each tester had the right to pass, and the specimen did not need to be finished in order for the vote to be cast. Each sampler gets one vote; each star represents one vote.

Meet the Samplers....

Geoff: 34 year-old male. Father of the lovelies. Not a fan of salty & sweet combos. Skeptical of the bacon & cherry tomatoes.

Brooke: 33 year-old female. Mother of the lovelies. Ringleader and curious about the bacon.

Kevin: 32 year-old male. Uncle of the lovelies and willing to try anything.

Heidi: 31 year-old female. Aunt of the lovelies. Envisioned a beautiful spread of chocolate-covered creations and made it happen. Not a fan of fruit & chocolate. Curious about the cherry tomatoes.

Abby: 6 year-old female. Not a fan of chocolate, but ready for the chocolate party. Pretty much a fan of it all.

Lauren: 5 year-old female. Loves chocolate. Loves parties. Added a balloon for affect. So disgusted by the chocolate-covered cherry tomato that she locked herself in the bathroom and rinsed her mouth with mouth wash.  It was her final sample.

The results in no particular order....

Bacon: ★★★★★☆

Bing Cherries (fresh from the tree):


Nilla Wafers:

Double Stuff Oreos:

Double Stuff Mint Oreos:

Kettle Corn:


Pirate Booty:

Potato Chips:
Graham Crackers:


Honey Combs:
Powdered Donut Holes:


Cherry Tomatoes:

 {Chocolate-Covered Cherries & Powdered Donut Holes}

{Chocolate-Covered Bacon}

{Heidi & the Samplers' Paradise}

{The Twins Fan & the Twinkie}

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