Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tight Ride

I wasn't going to post about this.  I wasn't really even going to talk about it in general.  Not because it's a big secret, but because it's my milestone and I didn't think it was that big of a deal.  But I guess it is.

As my beloved cousin, Shawn, pointed out.... Today is an end of an era: Oprah's last show, and new wheels for Brooke!  A lot of people have come into my life and into my Grand Am.  And boy have I grown up with that car.  It was the first car I bought entirely on my own.  The car that has been with me to every duty station the Air Force has taken us.  The car both of our babies came home from the hospital in.  The car we road-tripped across America in.  I loved that car.

But the time has come to say good-bye to the baby I affectionately dubbed, Granny, in her geriatric years.  It was getting too tight for all of us, and unless I can find a way to keep these girls from growing, we were in need of the space.

Tonight I said good-bye to one tight ride and hello to another....

{Good-Bye Kiss}

{The View from the New}

If you had the pleasure of adventuring with me in the Grand Am, thank you for the memories.... I look forward to making new ones in my much roomier Acadia! 

{Tight New Ride}

P.S. It probably comes as no surprise that I've had the car less than three hours & the radio stations are programmed.... and ready for Minnesota!

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The Earnshaw's said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you posted about it!! I can't wait to take it to the waffle house.


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