Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last Tuesday Lauren came to Abby's school with me for a character workshop on citizenship. Lauren LOVED her chance to practice being a kindergartner. I LOVED the picture Abby's teacher sent me of the lovelies....

2. When a little girl runs into your room and proclaims, "I'm a kiss kiss girl," is there really anything to do other than pick her up and smooch her?!

3. My posting hiatus is now over. Thanks to a technical glitch on Blogger and this dreaded cold/flu double-punch, I've admittedly slacked. Though you probably missed it, I did post on the foodie blog Saturday: {www.feedingthelovelies.blogspot.com/2011/05/making-sandwich.html} The girls made their own sandwiches.

4. When they say laughter is the best medicine, they don't mean for viruses. I've had a lot of good belly laughs this past week and I'm still sick. Grrrrrr! Enough already.

5. I'm not too humble to admit that if they handed out Nobel prizes for patience I'd be the first to get one. I've had a lot of practice and it's wearing thin. Sometimes even I am tired of waiting!

6. Lauren can't wait to go to the cabin this summer. She told me it would be so much fun to live there. She also informed me that when we make a fire at night we have to watch it from inside the cabin so the bear doesn't get us. This bear has no idea the impact he made on our little lady.

7. Abby insisted on calling her aunt, uncle and Papa for her math survey. My babe is so grown up.

8. I'm declaring this summer the summer of chocolate, and when we go to Wenatchee we're going to cover everything in it: bacon, cherries, rhubarb.... Why not?!

9. I'm still in awe that Casey Kasem said 'Owatonna' on his broadcast from May 15, 1982. Yep, I listen to replays on the internet. Such a nerd!

10. I am successfully embarking on my personal tour of Ohio with one goal: Changing the lingo of the locals. It isn't easy. You'd think I wouldn't be the first outsider to inform them what we call a cornhole. If you too are in the dark (no pun intended here) definition number one should clear things up: {www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cornhole}. I can't promise you won't be grossed out and I am not responsible for the attached images.

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