Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Virtually every lip balm I have strategically placed in my high-traffic areas has run dry at the same time. Grrrrrrr.

2. The Wizard of Oz has a lasting appeal that has remained a classic spanning generations.  So why am I struggling to get through Wicked?!

3. Thanks to Facebook, I learned last week that 4 May is Star Wars Day.  May the fourth be with you.  Yep, that's what I said.

4. Lauren loves to play doctor.  Yesterday she was checking in my daughter and rattled off a long list of inquiries, including if my daughter has any allergies.  Specifically she was curious if she was allergic to diarrhea.  What do I even say to that?!

5. I believe I have my fine-haired German ancestors to thank for my impossibly horrible bed head.  The older I get the worse it gets.  Though, Abby's is pretty bad too I have to admit.  Sorry, Abigail.

6. So I guess Bin Laden wasn't hiding in that gigantic hole Lizzie dug in our back yard when we were living at Hanscom AFB.  I'm sure he could have been quite cozy, but he probably wouldn't have been happy with the service he got from Comcast there any more than we were. LoL. And I'm sure Comcast would not have cared about him any more than the rest of us on base. Yep, still bitter.

7. Move over Miss Lisa.  Today Lauren and I went to Abby's school to volunteer for a character workshop on being a good citizen.  Lauren loved it, and was especially grateful to be a part of a kindergarten class for the afternoon.  She decided to make Abby's teacher a thank you card when we got home, along with a special note.  The "ILMDL" means, I love Miss Duling.  Just in case you're wondering, the "ILUD" means I love your dad.  Oh, Lauren!

{The Special Note}

8. How long does it take the mail-order pharmacy to get our prescriptions together.  Thank God we've got what we need to get us through.  Still.  Geez!

9. There are two things I want right now: an ice pack and a nap.

10. Just for fun I Googled, "Chocolate Chip Cookies".  The first on the list was, of course, NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE's recipe for their famous cookies.  This is the recipe that appeared fourth on the list, and stakes claim at being the best: www.allrecipes.com/Recipe/best-chocolate-chip-cookies/Detail.aspx.  Happy National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th!

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