Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Better late than never.  Lauren's five year pictures today.  Priceless.

2. The girls still play cars.  Matchbox cars.  They still dump out my old purse full of them into a pile on the floor.  The way they play has evolved, but still they love to play cars.  I love it.

3. In my unscientific study, Wal-Mart's generic nail polish remover is tops.

4. Just got a recipe for Strawberries & Cream Mini Muffins.  Can't wait to try that one, and I just happen to have strawberries in the fridge.

5. The GMC Acadia has moved to the top of my list.  And I enjoyed last Saturday's car shopping adventure with Geoff.  Of course it doesn't hurt that we pitstopped at Perkins for lunch!

6. I love a good story.

7. One day I may be good at Zumba. Until then I shall look like a fool while working my buns off.  But I really do like it.

8. I could not be more grateful that my girls are so different; their own distinct personas.  I love them both in their own way.

9. Who knew being a bus stop mom could be so fun?!  I often wonder what the bus driver is thinking when he loops back around and we're still standing there gabbing.  I know this.... we're currently running a sting oppression to catch the speeding yellow car.  Earlier in the school year she slammed right into a parked car; it was totalled.  I hate to see what happens if she messes with one of the children of the bus stop moms.  Let's hope the cops catch her first!

10. The girls LOVE Mother's Day.  They know they aren't supposed to keep secrets from mom, especially if someone tells them not to tell their mother.... except when it comes to Mother's Day.  It is eating them from the inside out keeping all of these secrets.  So much so that Lauren reminds me she knows a secret she can't tell me.  I just want to grab her little cheeks and kiss her when she does that!

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