Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I've given up on Caribou's travel coffee mugs.  They're poorly insulated & fall apart.  My favorite new find: Thermos' Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug: http://www.thermos.com/product_details.aspx?ProdID=1143&CatCode=MUGS&q=. I swear my coffee actually gets hotter in that baby!

2. In the last month I've had a cold, the flu & now strep. I'd say that's about enough--here's to a healthy summer!

3. The older I get the more I get like.... My Dad!  Sure, I'm like my mom in a lot of ways, and I see plenty of other relatives reflected in me.  But it is my dad who shines through the most.  If you know my dad, you'd know that's a compliment.  Right?!

4. I may just have to take the girls to the Steele County jail while we're home this summer.  Abby has a lot of questions about life behind bars.  The latest: Can you wear Hi-Tootsies to jail?  "Sure," I tell her, "but when you get to jail they take them from you and issue ugly Bye-Tootsies."  Let the flood gates spill open with questions!

5. I've yet to name the Acadia.  It isn't like I feel the need to.  However, I knew it was red I'd name her Ruby.  I've been calling it The Beast; that's the best I've got for now.

6. I wonder if the cashier at Michael's has any idea the gift she gave me last week when she complimented Lauren's behavior.  Thank you!

7. While I'm at the business of thanking people, I'd like to thank everyone who wished for the summer to finally arrive during our long winter and cool start to spring.  I'm really enjoying this heat.  Sensing the sarcasm?!

8. I am like a little kid, filled with excitement at what adventures summer holds!

9. Facebook poking.  It's weird.  Geoff & I have been poking each other a lot lately.  But that's more like flirting, and fun, especially since he is in Florida.  But he's my husband, which makes it not-so-weird.  If some random person I hardly talk to from high school poked me, what would I think?  If they poked me in real life I'd probably kick them.  Okay, not really, but the thought would cross my mind.  If you poke me on Facebook, I'll know you read this post.

10. "Hey, Mom!  Do these look like your initials?  They do, right?  Because I know how to do them now and so you don't have to sign my agenda anymore, I can do it!"  Great!  She's in kindergarten and already working on forging my signature.  And I thought Lauren was the one I needed to keep an eye on.

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