Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Our local Macy's in Ohio reminds me an awful lot of Dayton's.  How oddly at home I feel walking through there.

2. Gout is a word that grosses me out.  I hope I never get it.  If I do that means I'll have to keep saying it.... gout, Gout, GOUT.  Yuck!  Honestly, I don't really even know what it is.  Googling it will just mean thinking even more about it.  Not going there.

3. The girls love playing Duck, Duck, Goose.  Which bothers me a little bit because I learned it as Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.  In fact Wikipedia defines it as Duck, Duck, Goose, except in Minnesota where we call it Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.  I guess some things you just have to let go.

4. Abby insists on changing her name to Zariah.  Here we go again.

5. I don't care for Bill O'Reilly's new end-capping music on the factor.  The vibrant blue set he upgraded to several months ago I like.  But the dramatic music.... I prefer his old, more upbeat canticle.

6. I finally recognized a radio station I have tuned into on American Top 40, The 80s.... WROR in Boston. It's not wicked hard to remember that one!

7. Whenever I pour myself a bowl of cereal, I always eat just one piece before pouring the milk.

8. It must be a talent of Northerners to function in mittins.  This never occured to me until my dear Southern friend inquired as to how I could drive my car with those darned things on.

9. One of my favorite gifts is a book I got for my birthday while I was in elementary school from my Aunt Vicky.  Inside is my name as I wrote it then in cursive, and a tag from the book store she bought it from, The Bookmark in the Cedar Mall.  It's a weathered treasure.

10. It takes 30 days to change a behavior and form a new habit.  Ironically, another fact I stumbled upon: Eating dark chocolate before {yes, before!} your meal may {okay, so it's not scientifically proven} help you eat less during your meal and also make you less likely to crave sweets afterward.  I'm willing to bet I could turn this one into a habit in 30 days!

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