Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love Skittles bag friends.... the kind who enjoy the purple and green, because those are my least favorite.

2. Target doesn't sell Baby Ruths at the register.  It also doesn't play music.  Two facts that were lost on me for years.

3. It really shouldn't be called a snow day, at least not today.  It's pure ice out there.

4. Last night I filled the car up with gas and stocked up at the commissary.  Today I enjoy the fruits of my labor.

{Oh, and them, too!}

5. I have no idea where this came from this morning, but for some reason I started singing "Whoomp, There it Is" to Abby while doing a self-choreographed jig. You know the one, it's my version of the dance each mother does to embarrass her child. It worked. Then Abby told me I made the song up. {She also thinks I composed "Who Let the Dogs Out".}

6. As evident by the above picture, Abby gets her hair from me.  Poor kid.

7. The Wonder Years is Geoff's happy pill.  I enjoy watching him watch the show almost as much as I enjoy the show itself.

8. There is an advertisement for MS Health Administration on Facebook.  The picture is small; the advertising is clever.  I actually clicked on it to see if it was in fact the real Dr. Shepard and Dr. Grey.  {It's not.}

9. I love irony. Today Geoff began his new job off base. He is so excited to have an office with windows! The job offers many perks, and if you asked Geoff a downfall, he would be hard-pressed to find one.  Until this morning that is.... The Air Force base is closed.  His new job, not so much.  I hope Geoff is enjoying work today.

10. I saw this sign in a magazine: "What Happens in the Outhouse Stays in the Outhouse".  Well put.

{Grandpa's Outhouse at the Cabin}

{Abe Lincoln's Outhouse in Springfield, IL}


Susie said...

What happens in the outhouse probably stays in the outhouse for too long, Stink!

brookie said...

That's why my grandpa made his a horse stall.... leave the top door open, look at the lake and enjoy. Plus he uses lime to break down the crap. LoL. President Lincoln's is a three-seater, can you imagine?! And the view is not nearly as beautiful. :)


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