Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scooby-Doo! Who Knew!!!

In the event you have never met Lauren, or perhaps you have not seen her in the last six months, there is one thing that is clear.... she LOVES Scooby-Doo!  Mostly she loves Freddie, who comes second in her heart only to her Rocket Blanket.  She tells me she likes Fred because he always solves the mystery, but I know it is really because she thinks he's cute.  Ahhh, her first cartoon crush.

It is not uncommon for Lauren to watch as much of her favorite ghost-busting gang as possible, but in recent days she has been under the weather and watching more than this mama's brain can handle.

With that, I share with you some interesting factoids about my favorite mystery solving crew from when I was a kid, most of which I never knew....

Name: Velma Dinkley
Eyes: not so good
Age: 15
Ambition: to get into Mensa
Likes: science, logic puzzles, and mysteries

Name: Scoobert
Nickname: Scooby
Age: 7
Ambition: to eat more Scooby Snacks
Dislikes: ghosts, witches, monsters and demons

Name: Fred Jones
Dress: sweater, ascot, slacks, monk boots
Age: 17
Ambition: to be a successful inventor
Likes: a challenge

Name: Norville Rogers
Hair: messy
Age: 17
Ambition: none
Likes: whatever's edible

Name: Daphne Blake
Hair: Perfect
Age: 16
Ambition: to be a famous mystery writer
Likes: solving mysteries and looking good

The source of my information is the back of the box Lauren received for Christmas containing her favorite Scooby friends.  It should be noted that I needed to remove a heart sticker from Fred's stats for this composition.  Yes, she loves in that much.

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