Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents Day: Setting Precedence

True to my word, I have been actively cleaning my life of the clutter it has collected.  Our basement is the first to reap the benefits of my New Year's Resolution.  Yesterday, along with the help of my lovelies, I finished going through their toys.  I'm a hoarder, and getting rid of my girls' life in play was a hard step for me to take.  I guess I finally had enough of it all, and it is now sorted into things we will keep, things we will give to younger friends, and things we will donate.

I'm trying to set a precedence for my little people.  Trying to teach them to give, to share, and to do it with an open heart and no regrets.  This is why Geoff took them to Dayton Children's Hospital today where they donated a healthy collection of stuffed animals.  The man receiving their good will thanked them for their generosity, and assured them that many children will be grateful to enjoy a special new friend.

After trekking into Dayton, Daddy treated his girls to lunch at McDonald's where Abby was asked by an older woman if she knew what holiday it is today, and why she didn't have school.  To which Abby replied that it is Presidents Day and we are celebrating Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  Yay, Abby!

Back at home the girls are enjoying perhaps the most glorious part of our material cleansing.... The toys that made the cut are getting a new life of their own.

And Abby will always be Abby, just the way I like her.

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