Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It All Adds Up

We are now on our second consecutive snow day.  The rain has ceased and the snow has taken its place.

But what to do with the kiddos?  I decided a delicious math activity was in order, so I quickly made up an addition fill-in-the-blank worksheet on Word and busted out the Valentine's M&Ms.  Abby has been working on this concept in school, so for her it was review.  For Lauren it was a chance to sharpen her counting skills, and since I kept the numbers in the ten local, I didn't have to worry about Lauren's absurd, yet all-too-cute counting skills getting in the way.... twenty-eighteen, twenty-nineteen, twenty-twenty, you get the idea.

  • Worksheet {I created my own on Word}
  • Pencil
  • M&Ms {two different colors}
  • Coordinating crayons
I filled each bowl, then let the girls do the drawing and filling in the numbers.  When they added them up I sent them to the refrigerator where I had taped a 100s Chart to find the answer on the chart.  They loved it!  Once they mastered the concept I set them free to fill the bowls themselves and complete the problem.  They loved that even more!

Of course their favorite part was eating all of the M&Ms when they were done.

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