Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank You Thursdayish

Sick on Thursday. Sicker on Friday. But I'm upright long enough to get it in....

1. I'm thankful Geoff graciously offered to let me sleep with Abby Wednesday night.  He looked like an overstuffed pig in a blanket on her little bed, but I slept better with her in close proximity. The poor little lady was burning up!

2. I'm thankful I have an understanding boss.

3. I'm thankful I got an appointment for the girls this morning at the doctor's office.  I'll be even more thankful when we get through whatever is ailing us.

4. I'm thankful for sleep. Though I've done little else in the last 18 hours, it certainly has to have helped.

5. I'm thankful the roads are cleared.  It is hard enough for me just to walk these days, the last thing I need is to feel this crummy and try to be driving through inclimate conditions with my hobble foot.  Now coffee, kick in so I can stay upright long enough to get medical attention.  I need a nanny.

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