Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Golden Girl

Abigail's golden birthday.  A big day for our little girl.  She woke up to find the house decorated in her honor.  She went to school today where she was blessed with a visit from her Grandma, Professor B, a science specialist in Washington who shared an experiment with Abby's kindergarten class.  After school we came home opened gifts, had Grandma's famous chili soup and birthday cake.  As if all of that wasn't enough it was onto gymnastics for two hours.  Ahhhh, busy day.

It was a golden birthday....

{Abby's Drawing From School Today:
Grandma Phillips, Abby, Mom and Dad}

{Happy Birthday, Abby!}

{Assisting Grandma}

{Professor B Makes Elephant Toothpaste}

{Mommy and Abigail}

{Love of Learning, With Love From Aunt Heidi and Uncle Kevin}

{Rod and Reel.... Thanks Grandma and Papa}

{Garnet and Diamond Necklace.... Thank You Grandma Phillips}

{Grandma's Love.... The Best Gift of All}

{Happy Birthday To You!}

{Hitting the Bars}

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The Earnshaw's said...

So glad that Abby's Birthday was wonderful. Avry must have been tuned into Abby today because Avry wore the exact same dress today and she said it was for Abby's party!!


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