Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I've just developed a special relationship with the dark Hershey's Kisses.

2. In my own nine years and seven months unscientific study, I've concluded dogs are easier to train than husbands. Now if I can just get the dog to remove my husband's underwear from his worn pants we're in business!

3. I read that the average woman spends eight years of her life shopping.  I'm curious how many of those years are spent shopping for herself.

4. If I were a dog I'd have been put out of my misery days ago.  I hobble with my bum foot.  I have the flu and ache, slowing me down to a crawl, but I don't actually crawl because I tried that and it hurts worse than walking. Add to that the runny nose that has made the center of my face raw, and the cough that is so aggressive my internal organs are beginning to bruise.  Someone just make it stop!

5. It was by accident that I found my beloved Key Lime juice at Kroger; the stuff I fell in love with in Florida. Key Lime Pie Time!

6. I've been so sick that I'm all caught up on my shows hogging up space on the DVR.  It's pretty bad when I sit around on Sunday night waiting for my shows to come on so I have something to do.

7. Lauren is destined for fashion greatness.  Inspired by a picture of her messy hair after swimming, she insists I curl her hair in a flip each morning. She calls it her flower hair-do.

8. It is my experience that Jim Beam isn't nearly as effective as brandy in subsiding a cough.  Jägermeister is also not a suitable substitute.

9. Geoff was my personal (okay, I shared him with the lovelies) chief last night.  Two thumbs up on the pork fajita salad, G!

10. When talking about the new fishing pole Abby got for her birthday she sobbed, "I never got to go fishing with Great Grandpa."  Talk about tugging at my heart strings.  I bet Papa will take her in Great Grandpa's boat. And I'm sure my grandpa will be there, too. Grandpa, if you can just plant her line near the mouth of a good-eating Walleye we're in business!

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