Monday, January 3, 2011

Ten Lessons From a Broken Toe

1. I have a new appreciation for the Dutch.

2. Cleaning out your car wearing a wooden shoe in January can certainly numb your toes; I don't think that is what they meant when they told me to ice my foot.

3. The importance of your toes is highly underrated.

5. Proof I am becoming more important to my children financially and less in mother ways: they continue to function at full capacity now even when I don't.

6. Five hours at work brought far more sympathy for my broken toe than more than five days at home.... with the exception of my grandmas, of course.

7. Anyone who underestimates the severity of a broken toe either has never broken one, hasn't broken one in over a decade therefore forgetting the degree to which is sucks, is cold-hearted, or is a down right mean person and should be avoided.

8. Move all stools out of harms way.  The humidifier that rests on the stool that damaged my poor little piggy has now PCSed as they say in the Air Force: It's found a Permanent Change of Station.

9. It appears my children have left half their body weight in crumbs throughout the back seat of my car.  While this really has nothing to do with my broken toe, it will be nice when they can clean up the car themselves so I can rest my ailing digit.

10. For some reason I keep thinking about a resident I had in college. In a drunken stumble she broke off her two front teeth in the shower.  My toe will heal and I still have my teeth.  For that I am grateful.

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