Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Ramblings

  • Lauren decided she wanted eggs for breakfast this morning.  But not the ones like Papa makes, she wanted them swirled around.
  • When looking at a picture of my grandpa fishing Up North, Abby asked, "How did Great Grandpa get his rocking chair in the boat?"  Classic.

    {Grandpa Blue Gill Fishing: June, 2007}
  • It's official: Abby's favorite shape is the rectangle.
  • Obviously we have spent a little too much time watching the news.  On Friday Abby asked me, "Why do they keep showing his picture (Jared Laughner) over and over again?" I wonder what else she is picking up on!
  • Abby has been reflecting on death a lot in the past few months. She talks about the people she knows who have died.  She talks about dying herself.  I don't completely dismiss it, but consider it typical for her age to fixate on things she doesn't quite comprehend.
  • Abby doesn't believe in Rudolph because he has a red nose.
  • At Christmas Abby talked a great deal about Santa, asking once, "Mom, why does Santa look different in every picture?"
  • Now that Christmas and her birthday have passed, Abby's main focus is losing her first tooth, to which she wondered, "How does the Tooth Fairy know you loosed a tooth?  Maybe if Santa knows then the Tooth Fairy knows.  I'm wondering if the Tooth Fairy gets anything for Christmas."

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