Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesdayish

1. I cannot remember any winter in my 33 year experience that I've been so blahed out by winter. Maybe it's the broken toe that's holding me back. Whatever it is, I wish I was enjoying it. Instead I find myself sleeping it away.

2. Humpty Dumpty was written about King Richard III of England. That and other glorious Mother Goose tidbits of knowledge courtesy of today's story time record. I love records, and semi-useless facts!

3. "Snowmen don't have legs.  Just like that girl."--Lauren on our way to school, remembering the woman she met yesterday at my orthopedist's office who didn't have her legs.

4. Even with the best of intentions, I didn't make it to the president's State of the Union Address last night.  In fact, I didn't even make it through story time.  Abby's heavy lids got the best of her first, and once Lauren's hands clasp in prayer position she can't help but give in.  I followed suit.  Sorry, President Obama.

5. According to the doctor my foot is healing.  Yippee!  And while I tried to make it with a matching set of shoes today, I miss the security of my wooden velcro number.  I probably should be wearing it for the next two weeks.  We'll see.

6. On Monday night I attended a workshop put on by one of Fairborn's first grade teachers.  I love it when I walk away feeling empowered as a teacher AND a parent.  Of course, as Abby has thrown herself into a fit of misbehavior, I feel as though I should be spending my evening reviewing my notes and perhaps booking a personal consultation. {}

7. Another Mother Goose tidbit: Rock-a-Bye Baby was said to be written by a Pilgrim boy who came over on the Mayflower.  He was inspired by how the Indians built cradles out of birch bark, then hung them from tree branches for the breeze to rock.  I never put much thought to it until Abby was a newborn.  I remember listening to it and thinking how cruel it was to put a child's cradle in the tree and I believe I even started to cry at the thought of a baby tumbling from the tree.  Obviously I was still emotional from childbirth.

8. I find myself wishing for that time back.  The weeks at Hanscom after Abby was born.  I had no other responsibilities but to take care of that tiny little baby.  I also didn't have a lot of other stresses that now plague my life.  I miss those days.

9. Someday I may also miss Abby's current state of tantrums.  On and on she is rambling about all of the things that she does not like.  I'm really not sure why she is angry, but she is not happy with me for some reason.  Some day we'll be best friends.  Until that far away someday comes, I know there are going to be plenty of days she hates me.  I thank my grandma and aunt for teaching me first hand that this too shall pass.

10. I just discovered Thirty-One bags {}. It is almost as if it exploded around me. It is just feeding my love of super-cute bags!

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