Saturday, January 1, 2011

Changing of the Guard

Out with the old, in with the new. I hate New Years for that reason. An end of the good, a venture into the unknown. Something about it I find very depressing. The mental anxiety has eased over the years, but nonetheless we're changing the guard....

Good-bye 2010
  • Abby turned five.
  • I made Grandpa a Sunshine Cake for his 80th (and his last) birthday just like his mom made him as a child.
  • Lauren turned four.
  • The girls completed their first year of gymnastics and were selected for preteam.
  • We took a vacation to Washington again this summer, and explored Spokane and Idaho, too!
  • I took in a Twins game at the new Target Field. Awesome!
  • Our summer trip to the cabin with Shawn was highlighted by a visit from a bear.
  • I started my new job at preschool.
  • Lauren started preschool.
  • Abby started kindergarten.
  • Our family lost my grandpa.
  • I broke my toe seven hours before we were supposed to leave for Minnesota for Christmas.
Hello 2011
  • Abby celebrates her golden birthday and Grandma Phillips comes to celebrate!
  • I vow to put less on my plate.... take on less and finish what I start.
  • I vow to finish the projects I start.
  • I vow to clean house. Pear down the junk. Eliminate the clutter.
  • When I come home this summer I am going to clean up my room, my collection of untouched hodge podge from high school, college, babies.... it is time.
  • Of course I would also like to reclaim a hot body, but did I ever have one?  Hmmmm. Probably not. I'd love to get back in shape, so I'm also adding that to my list.
  • I want a new vehicle. Need one. Badly. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings me.  Not just my vehicle, but all of it.  I vow to make it the best year I can!

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