Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eleven on Tuesday

Hello first eleventh day of two thousand eleven!

1. Until I broke my toe it never occurred to me that I shave my right leg first, but apply moisturizer first to my left leg.  Hmmmmm.

2. I'm always there for others when they need someone.  But when I need help....

3. I love my Lauren, but I've learned to watch her like a hawk when she gets ticked off.  Sunday she peed all over the stool in my shower; she wasn't even in there showering. In the past she's dumped out my make-up and toner.  Naughty little girl.

4. He knew. {smile}

5. Not properly sealing a Ziploc bag negates the entire purpose of using one.  How can people truly not know how to close a stinking bag properly?!

6. I watch Abby as if I'm having an out-of-body experience.  I could never have imagined another person could exist in my likeness.

7. I've concluded that January is dull for a reason: parents need serious down time to recover from Christmas.

8. I'm not perfect, but I'm a good person.  I work hard and get paid very little for the collective work I do.  My reward?  It isn't appreciation.  Is this the tale of every mother and wife?!

9. How do I always get behind the car going significantly less than the speed limit on my way to work?  Grrrrrrrrrr.

10. It only makes sense for a clerk to take your money and give you your change BEFORE giving you your ice cream cone.  Why to people not get this?

11. ❄I love a snow storm. I especially love it when it brings snow days.  Who cares if we have to make up days in the spring.  I love being all bundled up on a winter day watching it snow!!!❄

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