Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm thankful for the medical team that popped my broken toe back into place at the Xenia ER.  Even at 2 am we were laughing and cracking jokes, I'm thankful for a relatively easy visit--all things considered.

2. I'm thankful we made it to Minnesota without incident.  Big sigh of relief.

3. I'm thankful we are home at Christmas.  Geoff offered to stay in Ohio since I am virtually handicapped.  I said no thanks.

4. Thank you, Abby and Lauren for making me laugh.  Lauren told me today in the car she would wake me up before she go-goes.  Abby inquired why Daddy didn't park in the handicap spot since I am now handicapped.  So kind.

5. I'm thankful for leftover ice box cake.  My favorite!

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