Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ten Things I Love About Winter

In honor of the last week with the TENth day in the year two thousand TEN, I'm making a list of TEN things each day.... So really, it's just an excuse for another random theme of postings.

Ten different subjects in seven days.  Kicking it all off: Ten Things I Love About Winter!

1. ❄Snow❄

2. Hot chocolate

3. Fires in the fireplace. Or outside in the fire ring we have to dig out at the cabin, then sitting around carved out benches in the snow.

4. Sledding

5. Seasonal allergies.... dormant!

6. Hockey!!

7. Christmas!!!

8. Shoveling.... Yes, I love to shovel, especially when the snow is still falling!

9. Mittens, scarves, and sweatshirts!

10. No yard work! Except shoveling, of course, which we've already established I love to do.

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