Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

Too burnt out to post on Tuesday....

1. Mommy guilt feeds the frustration that feeds the mommy guilt.... If I hadn't been so busy, then maybe I wouldn't be up so early and tired so early at night. I put Abby to bed last night with my fingers crossed she'd sleep through the coughing. She did, but eventually she threw up all over her bedding; all three loads worth! Guilt. Frustration and anger. It's a toss up which one rules.

2. RSVP: repondez s'il vous plait. It means "please reply". I'm guessing a lot of people don't because I've been hearing a lot about this lost art lately.

3. It's snowing. Funny, I was kind of hoping it wouldn't.

4. More guilt: every time I hear someone on the news utter the words, "Severe weather alert" my heart skips a beat and then I'm thankful they are talking about the floods in California and Arizona and NOT severe weather in the Midwest. If the snow can just hold off until Christmas!

5. I'm hoping 2011 brings me a new car. No, not a car, a larger vehicle. It is almost nine years Granny and I have been together. I thought it would be hard to let her go, but now I am ready. Please, Granny, get us to Minnesota and back safely this Christmas break!

6. Lauren woke up exceptionally adorable today. I truly don't know what I would do without that little gal. Now she's in the bathroom offering to read a book to her sister. No, ten books. What a great sister!

7. This morning while she was sitting in the tub washing all of the vomit off of herself, Abby said, "I'm sorry, Mom."  My heart smiled.  Okay, so she barfs all over the bed, the floor.... I must be doing at least something right.

8. As much as I enjoy shoveling, I was boiling inside when I shoveled the neighbors' sidewalk. I'd gladly do it for people who are unable to do it for themselves, but in a house with three capable adults it is inexcusable!  I didn't even do it to be nice, I did it because it is our path to the bus stop and I don't want my kids walking in the street.  It did help my frustration when we brought over their jar of Christmas goodies.  Something about doing something kind for them that takes away the anger.  However, I will not be bringing them treats after I shovel out the route proceeding the next snow fall.

9. Abby loves school. She learns so much. And then she spends any time she isn't fighting with her sister practicing her skills. Love that girl!

10. I take so much pleasure in watching Abby learn to read.

{Abby Flipping Through Her New Fancy Nancy Book}

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