Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. There's no place like home.

2. There's nothing like a fresh hair cut. All three of us girls.... I love it!

3. Toy Story 3. Love this movie! Hate that this movie makes me cry every time!!

4. A broken toe has given me a new understanding.

5. "The low for tomorrow is only in the low twenties." Only in Minnesota!

6. This afternoon the girls and I made snow ice cream: www.feedingthelovelies.blogspot.com/2010/12/snow-ice-cream.html

7. Abby just found out I strongly dislike (I'm being kind here) Barack Obama.  She is perplexed and curious.  And still talking about it.

8. It bothers me that KARE11 didn't have a set full of poinsettias this year.

9. My dad has a host of great things to teach our kids, but lines like "You can pick your friends.  You can pick your nose.  But you can't eat your friends," is not one of them.  It sure does make them think though.

10. My Sconnie friend sent me a link to some very clever and classic pro-Wisconsin attire. Ever since, Sconnie.com has been showing up in ads all over the sites I'm on. Sorry Goggle. I'm not buying a t-shirt that says, "Ohio is the Worst State Ever," even if I think so. (Which, by the way, I don't. It's Virginia!)

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