Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

This marks two Tuesdays in a row I didn't get my post up in time. Uftah! I hope it was worth waiting for. Hahahaha.

1. Lauren loves our holiday collection Winter Candy Apple soap. Whatever gets her to wash her hands.

2. The tree is finally decorated. What a fun night of watching the girls decorate the tree while Daddy rearranges to perfection. From time to time he let out a belly laugh, as the girls took great care in piling multiple ornaments on a single branch.

{Lauren, the Step Ladder, and Our Unnaked Tree}

3. After decorating the tree we snuggled up in front of the tree and the fire place to watch Rudolph. One of my favorite parts of Christmas!

4. Lauren's school pictures came back yesterday; she's a unique little girl.

5. I'm in search of a good bread. The kind you keep on hand for sandwiches. I haven't been having very good luck lately.

6. The taste of sleeping in over Thanksgiving vacation has left me wanting more.

7. If I could inject Lauren with something that would freeze her at this age, I might consider it. She is so stinkin' cute sometimes. She wakes up every morning with a smile because she was dreaming about Freddie from Scooby Doo. I just want to squeeze her! On a semi-related note, the girl proclaims, "Scooby Doobie-Doo!" when she gets excited.  What to do with this little character of mine.

8. I had my turtleneck on backwards all day.  I noticed it with an hour left of work.  Of course by this time I was sitting quietly reading a book and it was bugging the crap out of me.  It's still backwards; now I just don't have the will-power to do anything about it.

9. You'd think a girl like me would have had her ice scrapper in the car a month ago.  I was annoyed with myself I didn't have it in there when we went home a couple of weeks ago.  Not that I couldn't brush the snow off with my hand after work today.  I did.  But now I've packed my scraper.

10. December couldn't start off any better than with a picturesque snowfall.  The hot chocolate is heating up right now!  Merry Christmas!

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