Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. One of the greatest things about all of the picture Christmas cards is that the girls LOVE to look at them. They ask questions, we tell stories.... it's a great way to share the adventures we've been on and the people we've met along the way with them.  Most of the time they don't remember, but they love the stories!

2. Despite all the hard work I put into my handmade cards this year, nothing can top last year's card with the pictures. We really need to have good pictures taken like that again. Next year.

3. I find it ironic that there are more people who don't speak English on an American Air Force Base than off base, and it's in every community we've lived in. I also find it annoying.

4. I'm admittedly bitchy these days; anything will irritate me.... the crumbs the mouse leaves on the mouse pad (hint, hint, I know it isn't from the mouse), Lauren chewing with her mouth open, the girls fighting, Abby pulling out her hair.  It's all getting to me.  I'm sure this cold I'm in the thick of and the busy holiday season don't help.

5. When Abby found out I'm bringing my lead teacher, Robin, a special birthday treat tomorrow she was so touched she drew her a picture.  She loves Robin, and I love her drawing. 

{Abby and Robin Playing in Robin's Classroom}

6. I love roll-over meals. Tonight's chicken in the crock pot lends enough stock for two soups, plus I can make chicken soup from the carcass.  On top of that there is plenty of chicken to freeze for future meals, like Grandma's chicken and biscuits.  Grandma would be so proud!

7. I'm also acutely frustrated with Duluth Pack right now. Thank you for shipping my package to our Florida address, even though I made it very clear it was to come to my current Ohio address.  Ughh! What is wrong with people?!

8. Another thing that bugs me.... belching.  Why is it people feel the need to do it with every other breath?  I'm not a prude, just really annoyed by it.

9. Yet another irony. My nose is red. Maybe our class should have been the ones to sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the Christmas program today. Maybe I can stand up and be the lead reindeer tomorrow, as I'm sure this nose of mine will still be a beautiful shade of scarlet.

10. Why not talk about something else that annoys me: Kwanzaa! It isn't real, people!!! Name one family who has celebrated it for thirty years.... You can't.  That is because it has only been about thirty years since some guy sitting in a California prison made it up so that his people could be represented with their own holiday.  Uftah.  I personally find it offensive that everybody and their brother who isn't Christian thinks they need to impede on our holiday. I also find it slightly disturbing the truth behind the origin of Christmas.  Add to the list, I'm disturbed with my brusque attitude tonight. No doubt I'll sleep it off and tomorrow I'll be a whole new, much more pleasant girl.  I hope!

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Susie said...

So how did Wednesday turn out, were you less irritated?

You still crack me up! Uftah. What is that?


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