Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random Ramblings

  • Abby was trying to put the word that in a sentence.  She came up with this: "I am going to that Target."  Hmmmm.... I wonder who she takes after.
  • Yesterday afternoon on the drive home Lauren kept asking, "Can you see me?"  I kept telling her I could.  She wasn't talking to me; she was asking her great grandpa.
  • Lauren proclaimed yesterday that she is going to marry Shawn, a boy from preschool.  While I believe it is way too early to commit to your beloved, I approve of her selection.  It makes my heart smile knowing her devotion is going to a good boy. Granted, he is only three.  Great!  My daughter's a cougar.
  • I love snow days!  In part for reasons that are obvious, but also because it opens up a special opportunity with the girls.  Today we're baking our Christmas cookies.  Standing at the counter rolling them out Abby says to me: "This is what somebody said at school, 'Do you have issues?' 'No, I don't have issues,' I said. Why does somebody keep asking me that?  That little David."  It's so hard not to chuckle sometimes.
  • The girls are 4 and 5.  It has already been decided that Abby will get my Christmas cookie cutters when she grows up.  Lauren is left with the Halloween. Whew, they are starting early.

The little stinkers of mine got on the computer to do a little typing of their own:


 8yhyrfgtfgffdfferewegglkllllklllllllluiuyuyytyhyut6555 45ukjhjgfsdasewqe333333yhhfvgfggghyuyuuyi u8i8hytyttytryrtrtertttttttttttttt


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