Saturday, December 18, 2010

Letters to Santa, 2010 Edition

Dear Santa,

I miss you.  Santa, we're giving you milk and cookies at Grandma and Papa's.  Santa, will you please give me milk and cookies, and a letter?  Will you please, and I love you and up with your reindeer.  Santa, I like your reindeer.  Santa you will get a Christmas reindeer doll.  Santa, do you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Santa, do you like milk and cookies?  Santa, does Mrs. Claus want to come at Christmas?  Santa, why do you like milk and cookies?  Do you like frosting milk and cookies on top?



{Lauren with Santa at Preschool}


I love Santa!  I hope we see you, Santa.  I want to give you a special present.  Then we had to go to our grandma's.  Last night I see Santa, then we had to scare him and say, "Boo!"  Santa, I love you, then I want to see you at Christmas.

I love Santa.  I will give him some candy canes.  Santa, give me a special present with a puppy.  With a real puppy.  Can you do that?  Give me a real puppy?

I love you and I hope you don't die.  I went to the fair last night, just pretend.  I hope you get a Christmas tree.

I love Santa and Mrs. Claus.



{Abigail with Santa at Kindergarten}

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