Monday, December 13, 2010

Note to Mice

Directly behind our house is a once vacant field now progressively being cleared and occupied by new homes.  As a result we were given the unpleasant pleasure of house guests last winter.  Thanks to enticing peanut butter traps, and plug-in mice repellent, it is no longer an issue.

This weekend Geoff has finally had enough of the girls' unkept toy situation and removed everything from the upstairs playroom and relocated it to the basement.  This has upset Lauren on a very deep level, as it has driven her to post a note to any potential rodent visitors.

{Note to Mice}

She has kindly dictated her script....


Get away from our house otherwise go away.  If you're gone for weeks then go.  Your mice cleaned you out.  If your mice go around your basement, do your projects.  If you don't like them, too bad.  We'll get some peanut butter on their mouth.


Beth said...

She needs to write a note to my mouse at my house..just went out and bought some traps. Too cute!

The Earnshaw's said...

She is so funny. What are you going to do with that large room now? Sounds like the Earnshaw's need to come and clean the carpets or something in there:-)

brookie said...

As of now the room isn't completely vacant, just tidy. We'd like to get a dining room set, but we will see....


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