Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Santa and a Candy Word

Some random thoughts from today....

Lauren and I seized the opportunity to indulge in some custard at our favorite stand on this warm November afternoon. As we were seated at an outside table Lauren shouts, "Hey, there's Santa!"  Sure enough there was a man in a red sweatshirt with a white beard, driving a red car.  He disappeared behind the building, then parked right in front of where we were sitting.  Whether he heard her or not I don't know, but he smiled at Lauren, waiting to catch her eyes.  See, Lauren.  Santa is always watching!

Later this afternoon, after Abby got home from school, she and I took Lizzie for a walk.... just the two of us.  Seemingly out of nowhere she inquired, "Why does Santa have a big belly like Hailey?"  That one took some clever skirting, but eventually we moved on to other subjects.  Poor Hailey, let's hope she doesn't ask her the same question on the bus tomorrow!

Tonight as we were wrapping up story time, Abby and I were giggling and being silly.  (Lauren had previously vacated the scene due to an unsightly tantrum.)  Abby must have decided it would be an opportune time to try out a few new words she learned, courtesy of the naughty boy on the bus.  She was reprimanded for the use of 'crap' and 'butthead'; I firmly instructed her not to use nasty words.  "How about a candy word?" she asked.  "NERD!"  I couldn't control the laughter.

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