Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day of Thanks--No. Seven

Once again, leave it to me to neglect doing this post until after the girls have gone to bed.  So once again I will instead write something I am thankful for about each of them.

Brooke: First of all, I'm thankful I rocked it today and got my stuff done.  All of it.  Okay, most.  But I'm wondering, when am I going to be able to sit around and enjoy a lazy Sunday?  At this rate, maybe when I'm 80.  Ughhh.

Abigail.... I'm thankful for her will to learn.  She can entertain herself for hours playing school.  She writes, colors, draws, reads, and sings.  When she isn't fighting with her sister, she's like a long skinny jewel.  I wish I could squeeze her tight and never let her grow.

Lauren.... Tonight she walked into the bathroom singing Pants on the Ground, and dropped her pants.  Where did this kid come from?  I'm thankful for her individuality.  If I didn't have anything else to do, I'd probably spend my time kissing her and tickling her. She's such a little cuddle bug!

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