Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of Thanks--No. One

It is now tradition.  Thank You Thursdays will be put on hold in November, in lieu of our Day of Thanks Journal.  What started last year as a challenge turned into a great way of teaching the girls to look for gratitude in their day-to-day life.

I'm upping the tally this year, from fifteen to twenty-five.  So here goes, Day No. One....

Abigail: "I'm thankful that I got my bracelet back. (Bouncing!) I love my bracelet. I can't even stop leaving my bracelet alone! (Still bouncing!) I can't stop loving that bracelet." (Galloping out of the room.)

Lauren: "Connor wasn't even at school today. How about nothing? I'm thankful for nothing. Mommy, I'm thankful for you.  And I'm thankful for Buddha."

Brooke: "I'm thankful for my girls (as Abby suggested) but I'm also thankful for my missing lip balm.  In searching for it, I discovered Abby's long lost bracelet nestled in the bottom of my purse. She must have taken it off at gymnastics and I put it in there for safe-keeping. It was so safe I completely forgot about it, even turning the entire house upside down in search of it. What a great way to start our collection of thanks.  I'm so thankful I found the beloved bracelet!"

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