Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank You Thursday

Ahhh, so much to be thankful for this Thursday....

1. I'm thankful for having such a great job. I change poopy diapers. I wipe snot-dripped noses. I assist someone else. Yet everyday I am happy to go to work. If only every school could be run the way this little "family" is, oh what a great country this would be.

2. I'm thankful for 23 and a half hours of a barf-free house.  Woohoo! I'll be even more thankful if Abby makes it through the night without an episode. We'll see.

3. I'm thankful my Red Sox t-shirt has held up for this long.  But my pre-2004 World Series Championship threads has only a limited number of washes left in it. Let's just say I won't answer the door with it on, but I'll probably continue to wear it until Geoff secretly throws it out. Good thing he doesn't read these posts!

4. I'm thankful for a well-tuned McDonald's Sweet Tea artist.  Yes, I'm sure they are out there. Tonight I was mixed a highly diluted drink. Two Thumbs Down!  Lucky for me I was headed toward another establishment that sent me on my way with a smile. But let's be real, there is an art to the right combination of freshly brewed tea and ice.  I like it cold.  I just want to be happy with my $1 Mickey D's tea.

5. I'm thankful for simple moments that offer opportunities to get to know the people around me.  I always learn something about myself, too.

Now, off to watch Grey's. I'm thankful for that, too!

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