Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Going to the commissary makes my blood boil.

2. Going to Kroger would be worse, only somehow the people at Kroger are slightly more in tune with the world.

3. Last week at Kroger Lauren asked if a fellow patron was Santa. Embarrassed, I shushed her.  He waited a moment, then turned around and said hello to my little lady.  I was secretly hoping she knew Santa was watching her.  I was also still embarrassed.

4. Damn this blog for making me want a cupcake: www.thecreativecrate.blogspot.com/2010/10/candy-corn-cupcakes.html.

5. It is pretty funny to think of one of my classmates giving my mother a speeding ticket. Geoff and I are pretty sure she and her co-pilot were flying down Elm Street Dukes of Hazard style.  Only they were doing it in a Pontiac in Steele County.  Way to go, Mom!

6. Thank heaven for tough grandpas!

7. I woke up this morning with big plans for the case of canned pumpkin my brother-in-law picked up for me.  What isn't weird about that sentence?!

8. When you stop and think about it, it is a little strange that Hawaii is part of the United States.  I wonder if any of those people ever long for a week in the Midwest.  On second thought, I really have never wondered about that before.  Now I'm thinking....

9. Can I get my dishes done in 9 minutes before Dancing With the Stars?  Am I admitting that I'd like to beat the clock?  Yes.  What a nerd!

10. Bigger nerd: I got a coupon for a Snuggie online.  My first thought, Shucks, Geoff could have used this to buy my birthday Snuggie.  What was I thinking?!  First of all, I don't want the damn Snuggie.  Second, I already took it back.  And third, it was only for the Varsity Snuggie.  What next!

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