Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I found a new post office.  One I like.  It is possibly my favorite post office in the whole world.  She didn't even freak out on me about not signing the back of my card.  Yowza!  I'm going to Alpha for all of my future delivery needs!

2. Some names bug me.  Some of them I just wonder why on Earth one would put their child through the wringer with a name like that.  I'd best not put the one I'm thinking of in print, for fear my daughters will name one of their children that just to anger me some day.  Hahaha.  I still hate that name.

3. When did I become that person that couldn't wait for my book to arrive so I could dig in?  It's here! Hooray!

4. Today she came home with an arm full of ink.... What happened to my innocent Abigail?!

5. Why would this kid let another girl write all over her arm? Seriously! I don't know whether to be dumbfounded, annoyed, or just down right upset.

6. I've never been a big Christopher Cross fan.  So thank you, Geoff, for whistling it in the shower.... it is stuck in my head like gum on my best tennies.

7. I'm craving good Italian food. The kind you walk into a café in Boston to get. Hmmmmm. Bliss.

8. Because life wouldn't be complete without another cupcake recipe: http://loveandhomemaderecipes.com/2010/10/purple-people-eater-cupcake/. Purple People Eater pastries. More Yumm!

9. Geoff still sings songs about Tiny Tot in the shower. Thank you, Geoff, for replacing Christopher Cross with your lyrical love letter to Lauren.

10. How dirty can two little girls get in one day? By the looks of our bathtub, Geoff was bathing pound puppies and not little ladies last night.... they must have had a good time outside!

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