Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Got Canned

When I first met my friend, Susie, she asked me a simple question: Do you give yourself challenges?  Hmmmmm.  If she meant, do I take on a million projects, then the answer was yes.  She didn't.  She was referring to the kind of challenge where you take on one task for every day of the month.... like sending random thoughtful cards.  I don't.  But now I've found one.  I think.

I've been canned.  Twenty cans of one of Owatonna's other beautiful exports, Festal Pumpkin!  My challenge: The Twelve Days of Pumpkin.  Twelve consecutive days is a bit too much, even for this fellow Owatonna native.  But I think between now and Thanksgiving I should be able to come up with twelve ways to put my Festal to good use.  Any ideas, friends, please pass them my way!

No matter how you look at it, it's a beautiful thing.  Thank you, Aubrey and Jason.  Now my Christmas gift of Hy-Vee Mac 'n Cheese has some company from home in the cupboard.

Stay tuned to my foodie blog: for the low-down, complete with a five pumpkin rating system.  Hahaha.  Happy Fall!


MaryLynn said...

My mom has recipes for a crustless pumpkin pie and a pumpkin dessert where a cake mix is made. I can seeif she can ind them for you. You could also make a pumpkin soup with more hearty spices.

Susie said...

Yum! I love this challenge! I have a pumpkin cho. chip square recipe that is wonderful, I'll e-mail it to you right now ;) Good luck with your challenge!!


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