Saturday, October 23, 2010

Conversations With Lauren

Lauren was on a roll yesterday.  The crazy comments just rolled off her tongue....

Mom: Where did you get your cute personality?
Lauren: From the maid.

Lauren: Is my tiny heiny broken?
Mom: No. Why?
Lauren: Because it has a hole in it.

Lauren: (Pointing to her belly) You know what comed in my belly?
Mom: What?
Lauren: It's called a vaccine, beautiful girl.

Lauren: (Pointing to her mouth) You know what come in my breezing?  When it comes out?
Mom: What?
Lauren: It's called a belly button. A cute belly button.

Lauren: How did God make Rocket?
Mom: How do you think He made Rocket?
Lauren: He took the blanket. He double knot it. Then he took a blanket and he made ROCKET!

Lauren: I like this house, it's really pretty. I like to live in this house. And I like myself.

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