Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let Me Translate

Abby and Lauren have their own way of posing the world around them through the English language.  The following is a collection of some their unique terminology.

hi-tootsies: open-toed shoes....
Why? Because when you put them on you can say
'Hi' to your tootsies!
bye-tootsies: close-toed shoes....
'Bye, tootsies!'
Chinese chips: chow mein noodles

{Exclusively Abby}
Bullseyes: Buckeyes
commer or commy: comma
{Uniquely Lauren}
 chubbies: cheeks
wristests: bracelets
hanimoni: manicotti
hotdog on a stick: corndog
Snuggly or Snug: Snuggie
Onions: Indians
Pia-a-light: Pedialyte
hunna per sen: 100%
the loops: Fruit Loops
tupan: tampon
Tuluf: Duluth
enemy: mummy
poler: fishing pole
a drink bird feeder: hummingbird feeder 
knucklers: finger puppets

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