Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Abby brought home Sweet Tarts today. I loved Sweet Tarts when I was a kid. I wonder if Abby is as fond of them.

2. There are too many exposed butt cracks. I mean, really.  The breeze can't be pleasant.  I would never put pants on my girls that flaunt their little buns and the space that divides them. Maybe parents don't think about it. Maybe they don't care. I'm thinking of inventing a butt scarf.  After all, people bought into the Snuggie.

3. The Pumpkin Caramel Glacier I had a Ritter's was good. But it left me feeling frumpy. Ice cream does that to me lately. If only I could remember that before I eat the creamy treat.

4. I love a toddler's ability to pick their nose in front of their peers (and yes, eat it too) or wear adult socks with their jammies to school and not care one bit. Don't get me wrong, I'm not promoting a booger feast, but whatever makes them uniquely their own person, uninhibited, I love it!

5. I've perfected the art of breathing strictly through my mouth during dirty diaper changes. It is a skill I did not use with my own children. Somehow consuming the fumes gave me reassurance of their healthy state. I am still not going anywhere near my nephew's dirty diapers, sorry Aubrey.

6. Abby loves to learn. She would sit at the little table all day and do school work. Yay!

7. It surprises me that my Lauren is a model student. I've never seen her disagreeable at gymnastics, and she gets nothing but praise from her preschool teacher. Most of the time she is sweet for me, too. But boy does that kid have a sour side!

8. Lauren has a new laugh.  I'm not sure who she got it from, but it is funny.  She laughs just to try it out. Love that girl!

9. Geoff and I still giggle about the time the Eagan police showed up at our cousin Party Ball party for "Reports of bad singing". Obviously the neighbors didn't appreciate my lyrical disco method of calling Twister.  It is still undetermined if there is a warrent out for my arrest from that cold December night.  Next time I get caught singing in Eagan, I guess I'll find out. Hahaha.  Although I'm guessing it may have expired.

10. Another vice: Each Saturday morning I wake up early just to listen to the American Top 40 Rewind from the 80s. It's like an addiction I cannot control. I have discovered that American Top 40 just may have been the inspiration for my love of useless information. I have such fond memories of riding my banana seat bike (complete with a basket on the front) up and down the driveway while listening to the countdown on my AM/FM Smurf Walkman. In the present day I listen to it on my Boombox from college or my Turntable stereo in the basement.  And yes, I sing. The Fairborn police have yet to show up at my door!

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Anonymous said...

There was some strong crazy Mariah Carey karoke going on that night if I remember correctly. The office didn't really know what to say :) Good times!!


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