Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Whole Handful

Everyone should have a Lauren.  She continues to walk around the house saying, "Happy Birthday."  Then she will turn to whatever little friend happens to be accompanying her at the time (usually Rock or Scooby) and replies, "Oh thank you, you're so nice to think of my birthday."

As Abby so joyfully informed Lauren this morning, she is a whole handful now.  Our handful woke up this morning to find her friends having a birthday party at the little table.  After breakfast she took her bike for a ride around the house, went to preschool where she celebrated with her class & a round of dirt dessert.  After school one of her best friends came over to play and celebrate her birthday.

They had a great time playing hide-and-seek, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, and playing with toys.  It was everything Lauren had hoped for, minus the sibling rivalry that kicked into overdrive when Abby joined the mix.

All in all, my little handful had a happy, happy birthday....

{It's Party Time!}

{I Got a Bike!}

{I'm a Handful!}

{A Preschool Birthday}

{Bubble Up}

{Bike, Bike, Baby}

{My New Wenatchee Shirt}

{Scooby Jammies}

{A Fishing Pole?!}

{The Blow-Out}

{Goggle Girl}

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