Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You Thursday

1. I'm thankful I have two very distinctly unique girls....

{Lauren & Her Scooby Ensemble}

{Abby Rides in Her New Dress}

2. Thank you, Geoff, for leaving work and taking the girls to gymnastics.  I am physically exhausted.  What's more, I really just need a break.

3. I'm thankful my children are normal, but I will be even more thankful when they are out of whatever stage they are in that is making me climb the walls.  It's mostly Abby and her constant need to be under her sister's skin, and mine too for that matter.

4. I'm thankful for the moments like this one, when she first gets home from school. When her attitude has yet to evolve from sweet to sour....

Abby: "Mom, would you like a jelly bean?"

Brooke: "No thanks, I'm not a big jelly bean eater."

Abby: "I'm a little jelly bean eater."

I truly do love that kid.

5. I'm thankful for the bus stop mom I am developing a friendship with.  I can't promise I'll be thankful after we attend a Zumba class Saturday morning, but I am thankful she passed on this place: OinkADoodleMoo.... the name alone just makes my mouth water for a pork sandwich!

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