Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm becoming resentful of Ohio. I don't mind it here; I tolerate the heat and humidity.  However, the toll it is taking on the girls: their allergies and asthma.... it will be with them the rest of their lives.  Thanks Ohio.

2. My first Zumba class: an interesting cocktail of Latin dancing and butt-whooping.  The stabbing in my calves has finally dulled.  Yes, I'll be going back this week for another beating.

3. This past week has given me a new appreciation for pineapple and fairies.

4. I'm going to miss my Ohio friends while I'm gone this summer--but I sure am going to love being home with my family & Minnesota friends!

5. What does it say about my age when my dream car is a Buick Enclave? Who wouldn't love it after this review: http://www.cars.com/buick/enclave/2009/reviews/?revid=54517?! Almost makes me want to hang out with the mom who wrote it, in my flashy Enclave, of course!

6. Proof that there is more in my life now then just my kids and housework: I don't have a clue what's happening on DWTS!

7. Darn you Easter candy!  But thank you to the neighbors who made the girls yummy baskets.  Go ahead and say it, Bad Mom!

8. Yesterday Abby asked me why you can eat strawberries' seeds and not seeds of other fruits.  She was more satisfied with the strawberries than she was with my answer.

9. After all of these years and some really great shows, you'd think I would be upset about Oprah coming to an end.  I'm not.  The thought of Glenn Beck ending his run on FOX, however, brings a tear.

10. Donald Rumsfeld recently edged out Bill O'Reilly as my old man crush.  If Trump wins the republican nomination and beats Obama in the '12 election, he might take the top prize.

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Susie said...

Say it isn't so, keep Bill as the crush: Bill, Bill, Bill!


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