Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here Comes Mrs. Cottontail

Mrs. Cottontail came to school today to visit the children for our Easter parties.  Lucky for us, Abby is on spring break this week and was present and accounted for for pictures.

Unlike some of the children, it didn't take a lot of persuading to get Lauren onto Mrs. C's lap for the photo op.  Abby was also unphased, and kind enough to make her remark to the fuzzy bunny so quietly the younger children could not hear her say, "I know you're really a person in there."

There are many reasons I love the preschool we're lucky enough to call our own, but it is events like these that make their childhood so special.

{Lauren & Mrs. Cottontail}

{Abby & Mrs. Cottontail}

{Mrs. Cottontail & the Lovelies}

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The Earnshaw's said...

I love it! Abby looks really thrilled to be on her lap. It looks like Lauren hd a blast!


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