Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. "Mom, what are your shoulders for?  Mom, what is your face made out of?"  Just a couple of questions from my dear Abby during our morning beauty session.

2. I inadvertently typed mourning in the last statement.... how funny & ironic, as it certainly feels like mourning for the girls and I.  We sure miss Grandma, Papa, and our (hockey) brother Marco already!  In fact, I found Lauren in the bathroom with her head buried into the towel crying. {sad}

3. Abby came home from school today with a picture she drew to make me feel better. She did it in my favorite color, and added some extra names of some of her friends.  I love that girl.

4. I'm starting to believe that hard days are the ones we endure to become better people.

5. My dad. The best!

6. I'm a sucker for chocolate covered raisins.

7. Spring is my least favorite season.

8. It was an even match-up at 11 eggs a piece in our morning Easter Egg hunt....

9. It was the girls' first garage hair cut.  It was also their first hair cut in Ohio.  In a pinch, it works.

10. I read that to sleep better you should eat a handful of cherries before going to bed.  No wonder I sleep so well when we go to Washington in the summer.  I can't wait to get my hands on those cherries in June!

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